In March of 2019, Elizabeth Carrier recognized a need to reduce the amount of candle waste from weddings and events. Leaving the floral industry for motherhood presented her with an opportunity. She called on her industry friends to contribute their waste wax and keep candle waste out of landfills. Chandlerie was born. 

Historically, a “chandlery” is the room in medieval castles where candles are kept. 

Chandlerie began experimenting with remelting, dyeing, and molding used wax to breathe fresh life into it. The colors are curated to reflect current trends and palettes used in the wedding and event industry, specifically geared towards flowers and textiles. 

Approaching the fall of 2019, the company outgrew Elizabeth’s garage and Cindy Ollig, owner of The Perfect Petal located in Colorado, acquired the company. Immediately Cindy put in place the components necessary for the company to grow: a designated color line, studio space, upgraded equipment, and a pulse on the industry to determine upcoming trends in color from her experience as a wedding florist and entrepreneur. Elizabeth has stayed on as the Sales & Marketing Coordinator and partner. 

Chandlerie now partners with three local flower wholesalers as wax drop points for used wax. In the first nine months of Chandlerie’s inception, the company upcycled over 1200 pounds of waste wax provided by florists from all over Colorado. While the company has outgrown solely using upcycled wax, it will continue to provide an avenue for used wax keeping thousands of pounds of a nonrenewable resource out of landfills.

The team has grown from one employee to seven in less than two years, including both a Lead Chandler and Color Theorist,  and has developed a niche in artisan upcycled candles. Now shipping nationwide, Chandlerie’s candles are showing up in wedding work all over the country. However, the success of the company is largely due to the amazing and supportive wedding industry here in Colorado. The team’s gratitude for all the support is endless.